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This is the biodata, profile, and facts of Sistar kpop members. Sistar is a girl group from Seoul, South Korea which consists of four members, namely Hyorin, Bora, Soyu, and Dasom. This girl group works under the label Starship Entertainment. Sistar fans are usually familiarly called STAR1’s.

The beginning of the formation of this band was when JYP Entertainment auditioned to form a new band. The leader. Hyorin has auditioned twice until she was finally accepted as one of the talented musicians. Initially, he planned to debut in a trio group with missA’s Min and Secret’s Jieun. But the plan failed because he was removed from the label.

After being kicked out of the JYP Entertainment label, he tried to audition at Starship Entertainment. Luck was on his side as he was finally accepted by the label. Finally, he was combined with other members and formed Sistar.

After previously appearing in Céci magazine on March 19, 2010, Sistar finally made its debut with its first EP entitled Push Push. The single was officially released on June 1, 2010. It turns out that the response from the fans can be said to be quite enthusiastic. They even had time to collaborate with Super Junior. Finally, Sistar managed to start its debut show in the Music band on June 4, 2010.

Success with the first single, they also launched the next maneuver by releasing a second EP titled Shady Girl. This single was officially released on August 25, 2010. Their movement can be said to be very fast for the size of a newcomer musician. Furthermore, Sistar also released their third EP How Dare You on December 17, 2010, after previously being awarded the Golden Disk Awards in the Newcomer Award category on December 9, 2010.

Sistar Kpop Member

In 2011, they returned with no less precise moves. On August 9, 2011, they finally released their album titled SO COOL.

And this is the bio of SISTAR members:

1. Hyo Rin/Hyo Lin (Sistar)

Hyo Lin (Sistar)

Bio & Profile

  •  Real Name: / Kim Hyo Jung
  • Stage Name: Hyo Rin/Hyo lin
  • Birth Day: January 11, 1990
  • Height/Weight: 164cm / 45kg
  • Position: Leader, Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer, sub rapper

At first, Hyorin didn’t highlight her name at the beginning of Sistar’s appearance in the entertainment world, even some people thought that at that time the leader of SISTAR was Bora, or Dasom, while Hyorin was only in the position of Lead Vocal, and Main Dancer, and Face of the Group. held by Bora. Surprisingly, over time Hyorin’s popularity skyrocketed, with the stepping stone from the Immortal Song show which made her a champion among other beautiful voiced artists, that’s when Hyorin’s other talent besides dancing (every performance or dance MV Hyorin is the most prominent among the other members.), he began to issue solo singles, and duets with other artists starred in a drama film and managed to become a Korean Sexy Icon with the nickname of Korea’s Beyonce. This is what positions Hyorin as the leader of the group, the Main Vocalist previously held by Dasom, and the Face of the Group which was previously owned by Bora.

2. Bora  (Sistar)

Bora (Sistar)

Bio & Profile

  • Real Name: / Yoon Bo-ra
  • Stage Name: Bora
  • Birthday: January 30, 1990
  • Height/Weight: 165cm / 46kg
  • Position: Main Rapper, Main Dancer, Visual, assistant leader

Bora is a member of Sistar who has the most fans and most shined in the early days of Sistar’s appearance, her beautiful face managed to attract love from fans of the Korean entertainment world at that time. so that Bora immediately became the Center, as well as the Face of the Group. Unfortunately, getting here, it seems that Bora’s popularity is getting obscured by Hyorin’s light, although Bora is still the most sensual and beautiful in Sistar, Hyorin’s unique face, and Hyorin’s golden voice seems to have released the image of Center, and Face of the Group. so now the position was given to Hyorin. In the early days of Sistar’s appearance, Bora was considered the leader of Sistar.

3. Dasom  (Sistar)

Dasom (Sistar)

Bio & Profile

  • Real Name: / Kim Da-som
  • Stage Name: Dasom
  • Birthday: May 6, 1993
  • Height/Weight: 167cm / 44kg
  • Position: Vocalist, Maknae

Dasom is the Maknae of the youngest member in Sistar’s GB, Dasom at the beginning of Sistar’s debut was the one who held the Main Vocalist position, but later this youngest member released the position into the hands of Hyorin the Leader, and only held the position as a Vocalist.

4. Soyou (Sistar)

Soyou (Sistar)

Bio & Profile

  • Real Name: / Kang Ji Hyun
  • Stage Name: Soyou
  • Birthdate: February 12th, 1992
  • Height/Weight: 168cm / 49kg
  • Position: Lead Vocalist

So you are the most feminine member of Sistar, and the softest and very graceful. Not too much is known about Soyou’s role in the entertainment world today, but who knows in one or two years Soyou can hit the entertainment world like Hyorin is doing now.

Facts about SISTAR

  • Dasom is the whitest SISTAR member.
  • SISTAR19 was formed because 2 of its members were 19 years old at the time.
  • Soyou can lose 8 kg in just 4 weeks.
  • Lee Teuk (Super Junior) was the first to enter SISTAR’s dorm, even the manager had never entered their place.
  • Lee Teuk (Super Junior) once read SISTAR’s diary and found out if they had a boyfriend.
  • Bora is the oldest but cutest member.
  • Since Dasom cut her hair, she looks more mature.
  • The member with the tallest body is held by Soyou, his height is 168 cm.
  • Hyorin was once nicknamed “Split Girl” because during How Dare You, the dry ice used for the stage melted due to the intense light she finally slipped and appeared to do a split.
  • Hyorin, Soyou, Dasom, and Bora’s most beautiful voice sequences.
  • Hyorin has the darkest skin in SISTAR.
  • Hyorin likes wearing trousers.
  • Many people think that Soyou is very innocent because of her name, but actually, she is a lively and easy-going person.
  • Soyou has an older brother and sister.
  • Many people don’t recognize Soyou after she changed her hairstyle when releasing the song “PushPush”
  • Soyou likes to read fans’ comments on the internet.
  • Soyou is good at imitating people’s voices.
  • Dasom has been interested in dance and singing since childhood until finally, she entered (Anyang Art School) to pursue her dream as an artist.
  • SISTAR always goes on a strict diet to maintain her ideal body shape.
  • Dasom is a member who gets fat fast compared to the others.
  • Bora and Soyou’s bodies don’t change easily and it doesn’t matter how much they eat.
  • Dasom idolizes BoA, even Dasom cried when she met her idol.
  • Bora entered Myungji University because she was interested in music since childhood.
  • Bora has a small wound on her leg that looks white.
  • Bora can run very fast because of his strong physique.

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